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Wi-DAC Lift

Wireless Data Acquisition and Control System for Lifts using SMS

-  Wi-DAC Lift is a panel device which takes advantage of mobile telephony and particularly the Short Message Service (SMS). It can use any GSM network and be controlled by any mobile phone.

-   Its four (4) relay outputs can be activated via SMS messages with the use of a personal password

-  It has the ability for an automated control through a central computer (i.e. activation of certain outputs on a specific date etc.)

-   The user has choice to perform a "HARD RESET" by cutting the power supply to the controller for a few seconds.

-   It offers the ability to the user to activate the "RESET" function (from the NC contact of the output relay) and cut-off the "element check", so that the cabin is motionless at any station, without blocking the doors at the same time.

-   The first five (5) inputs are connected to specific points of the safety circuit.

  • Cabin STOP
  • Shaft STOP
  • Machine Room STOP
  • Final Limit UP
  • Final Limit DOWN

-   The input board allows for any voltage level either DC or AC from the safety circuit (i.e. 48VDC, 110VAC etc.)

-   If for any reason the lift stops there will be loss of voltage at the respective input and an SMS will be sent to the pre-programmed telephone numbers (up to 9 different telephone numbers)

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