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Lamda Electronics's LAMDA SOLAR TRACKER controller


Lamda Electronics is providing a solution for the control needs of your PV farm that is the most reliable and most financially reasonable of the domestic and global markets.

The master control cabinet of the Lamda Electronics SOLAR TRACKER controller is equipped with a 7’’ inch touch screen panel loaded with software that collects all the data from the slave controllers that are located throughout the PV farm under each one of the solar trackers (please find additional pictures by pressing read more at the bottom of the page).

The screen is actually an embedded computer and hence there is no need to install a conventional computer-monitor desktop solution that are less technologically competitive competitors apply. This way the need for space is being reduced and the monitoring of the PV farm is becoming easier.

On this screen you can observe the current status of the PV farm and be informed of possible faults. By acquiring a static IP connection the user can access the internet to monitor and even upgrade the software of the touch screen and/or the PLCs on the slave control cabinets.

The master controller is also connected to a very accurate anemometer for protection from high winds. Further protection from weather conditions can be achieved by the use of the wireless remote sensing and control device Wi-DAC Track that is installed in the cabinet and uses the GSM network for communication. The user this way can use his/hers mobile phone and get information or control the PV farm using simple SMS messages.

The slave controllers that are installed at each one of the solar trackers are being controlled by the use of PLCs that carry software controlling two axes by setting the Azimuth and Zenith of the panels for maximum PV farm performance.

The controller boxes are IP66 that ensures full protection from the weather. Also, they are protected from high voltage spikes by using varistors.

Slave controller cabinet (Open Box)

Master Controller cabinet (closed box)

Slave controller cabinet (Closed Box)

Master controller touch screen




Master Controller cabinet (open box)

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